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November 30 - December 6, 2012

Dear Readers,

As federal authorities move toward the removal of yet another Carmel River dam for the benefit of the steelhead trout and regardless of the implications for our water supply, one well known local biologist said taking out Los Padres Dam would actually be bad for the trout. Chris Counts took a tour of both Carmel River dams this week and has that story.

Final vote totals for the Nov. 6 election are in, and Dave Potter's big win over Marc Del Piero has been confirmed. Del Piero must be smarting over the setback, because he still hasn't conceded. Kelly Nix has that one.

An historic Pebble Beach home, known for decades as the Gingerbread House, is for lease (or maybe even for sale) by the conservation group that owns it. Kelly also has that one.

A seat on the coastal commission that belonged for many years to Monterey County has gone to a supervisor from San Mateo County. An African-American woman who lived in a Carmel rental unit is suing the landlord because she says one of the other tenants discriminated against her. The city council is inviting you to speak up at the next meeting if you have something you'd like to see it accomplish in 2013. Joe Livernois has some recommendations about how California's institutions of higher education could really get in touch with their mission. And my editorial practically begs the legislature to put an end to local activists' efforts to prevent the airport from building runway safety improvements.

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