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December 14 - 20, 2012

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Mayor Jason Burnett is on his way to Washington and a Christmas party at the White House, but before he left he lobbied the PUC to require Cal Am to use public financing -- and its lower interest rates -- to build its desal plant. Kelly Nix explains why Burnett says the move could save you money.

When Carmel Valley environmentalist Rod Mills died in March, it was revealed he made last-minute changes to his will that gave a big share of it to non-profits that were unmentioned in an earlier version. Was it funny business? Chris Counts has that one.

At their meeting Wednesday, planning commissioners took yet another look at what should be done with Flanders Mansion, and this time they decided it should be leased. Mary Schley has the inside story.

Local surfers hate the idea of a Big Sur inn offering surfing lessons to out-of-towners. A restaurant on Dolores Street must have umbrellas instead of an awning, according to a lone official — and he is getting his way. The footpath into Pebble Beach is being extended as far as Ocean Avenue. A Salinas school district named a new elementary school in honor of a notorious 19th century murderer. And my editorial asks what the school district intended the decision to mean.

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