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April 5 - 11, 2013

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When it comes to free use of city streets and facilities, some nonprofits are more worthy than others, the city council decided this week. Mary Schley reports that the nettlesome problem of figuring out which ones are which probably doesn't have a solution that will satisfy everyone.

Somebody who was presumably concerned about flooding armed himself with a shovel and took it on himself to let the Carmel River Lagoon drain to the ocean early Thursday morning, a local environmental official said. What he (or perhaps a group of people) did was illegal and unnecessary, the official said. Chris Counts has that one.

An orphaned harbor seal has a new home and a new name after escaping death by a whisker's breadth, according to an expert on wildlife in Monterey Bay. Chris Counts has that one, as well.

The father of a teenager who was shot in the eye with a toothpick fired from a BB gun almost three years ago is suing the principal of a Carmel elementary school. The main intersection of one local town has reopened after being closed for weeks, but some busines owners are asking whether all the trouble was worth it. If you want to start raising chickens in your yard, you may want to hurry up and get a permit. A blind dog who travelled all the way from Taiwan needs a new home. A longtime member of the city council -- and who was Clint Eastwood's adversary when he served as mayor -- died last week. A high school teacher has some harsh words for The Pine Cone after we reported how much she made last year. And my editorial answers her criticism with a few carefully selected words of my own.

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