A preview of the May 24, 2013, edition
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May 24 - 30, 2013

Dear Readers,

The Monterey Herald is our competitor, but it's also an important and historic community institution that's been going through tough times. Our lead story tonight is about the Herald's latest round of cutbacks, and its announcement this week that it will even vacate its offices at Ryan Ranch. Kelly Nix reports.

Traffic slowdowns at Rocky Creek after a big landslide two years ago will soon be a thing of the past, with the completion of an $11 million bridge.

The owner of a new dog training center in Carmel Valley is a county planning commissioner, so the project will probably have an easier time getting permits.

Score another one for the cops: A Monterey County judge ruled late last week that it's unconstitutional for one local city to cut their pensions.

A hiker who thought it seemed like a great idea to climb boulders next to a waterfall paid the price when he fell and broke numerous bones and had to be airlifted out. The big celebrity wedding at Ventana next weekend has an almost complete cloak of secrecy around it. A woman who loved knitting left an astonishing amount of yarn at her house when she died. And my editorial has a few choice words to say about a local corporation that actually deserves some criticism.

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