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May 31 - June 6, 2013

Dear Readers,

In our lead story this week, I shed more light on the steady decline of the Monterey County Herald, and reveal that a secretive New York hedge fund is behind the once-proud newspaper's recent cutbacks. One of our letters to the editor, however, belittles our coverage of the Herald's woes, and attributes it to something the writer thinks happened to me in elementary school.

Did you know that California judges have ruled that the state's no-texting law means you also can't pick up your smartphone while driving to look at a map? I have that story, too.

The would-be developer of an oceanfront hotel in Sand City had his right to build affirmed by yet another court. But is he any closer to breaking ground? Kelly Nix reports.

A Pebble Beach Co. vice president, Mark Stilwell, was picked to fill a vacancy on the Carmel school board this week, even as his company was taking another big step in its final build-out plan for Del Monte Forest.

A suspected gang member from Salinas who was high on pot and armed was arrested on 17 Mile Drive. Carmel High parents are engaged in an embarrassing online brawl about the school's softball team. Yet another version of the same old group is launching yet another drive to have the public take over Cal Am Water. And my editorial explains, yet again, why that move is a really bad idea.

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