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June 14 - 20, 2013

Dear Readers,

City officials and the police suspect that a significant crime has happened at Carmel City Hall, and spent three hours last week executing a search warrant at a senior employee's home, but they refuse to disclose what the alleged crime was. Is it a coverup? Mary Schley has the details.

A Monterey Peninsula taxpayers group is suing the water management district for illegally imposing a user fee on property owners. Kelly Nix has that one.

Sean Parker is finally speaking out about his lavish Big Sur wedding that resulted in him making a $2.5 million "settlement" with the coastal commission, and he says the whole thing was just an unpretentious, redwood-hugging love fest. Kelly has that one, too.

The city council has approved a record-breaking budget for the next fiscal year. A dog who was missing two years has miraculously been rescued from a death trap in Carmel Valley. An admired local actress with a budding career has had it cut short by cancer. Joe Livernois honors a former colleague at the Monterey County Herald, and weighs in on the big troubles there. We have a colorful special section about outstanding local architecture and home design ... you definitely don't want to miss "In Your Dreams." And my editorial sounds a warning about the immigration bill that's working its way through Congress — something that nobody else seems to be talking about.

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