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July 12 - 18, 2013

Dear Readers,

There are still no charges against the city's IT manager Steve McInchak, despite a costly six-month investigation of possible wrong-doing by him. Meanwhile, city officials have tightened the lid they're keeping on the whole matter, even as they claim to be very much in favor of public disclosure. Mary Schley has those stories.

Citing state environmental laws, a Monterey County judge has again blocked runway safety improvements at Monterey Airport.

Leon Panetta may be "retired," but he told our Kelly Nix about the numerous projects he's working on now, and also gave his assessment of leaks from the nation's anti-terrorism programs.

A prominent Salinas Valley farming company has been hit with charges that one of its owners assaulted a UFW union organizer. A passing car hit and killed a mountain lion near Carmel High School Monday. One of Carmel Valley's most respected businessmen succumbed to cancer this week, and the end of his vibrant, successful life came as a shock to almost everybody who knew him. We have a special section about this year's exciting Carmel Bach Festival, which gets under way Saturday. And my editorial explains why Judge Lydia Villarreal's decision on airport safety is one of the all-time worst decisions made by a judge in this county.

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