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August 30 - September 5, 2013

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Now in its seventh year, the Authors and Ideas Festival, which is coming up Sept. 27-29, has gained quite a reputation for the big names and intellectual crowds it draws. But after a contract dispute with Sunset Center's management, the festival has decided to move to Stevenson School in Pebble Beach. Mary Schley reports.

The planning director has some of the most important responsibilities at Carmel City Hall, but he also has to be one of city government's most approachable officials, and the new man on the job says he's up to both tasks. Mary also has that one.

To save precious water, numerous ponds at Quail Lodge will be allowed to dry up and then replaced with drought-tolerant landscapes, the owners say. But nearby residents don't like the idea much. Chris Counts has that story.

The local chapter of the ACLU says it's not sure it likes a local school district's ban on clothing showing the California flag. Kelly Nix has the details.

A Monterey rug store is suing MST for putting a bus stop in front of the store's expensive display windows. Kelly Nix also has that one.

We have some amazing photos and a rather unusual report from the Burning Man festival in Nevada, including lots of inside details about the remarkable custom-made, LED-lit, whale-ribbed desert school bus sailing ship some locals brought to the event. Michael Troutman took the pictures, and he has the scoop.

A fire that was confined to the kitchen of a home in the Carmel Highlands caused $250,000 damage anyway, fire officials say. The planning commission believes Carmel's wooden trash bins are worth the effort and the money. Quite a few readers came to our defense after the avalanche of criticism we got last week for making a joke about a tree falling on a car during Concours Week. And my editorial explains once and for all why we made the joke, what it meant, and what it didn't mean.

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