A preview of the September 20, 2013,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

September 20 - 26, 2013

Dear Readers,

City officials got a nice surprise when they totaled up everything from the fiscal year that ended June 30: The city had a $1.3 million surplus. Mary Schley explains how it happened, and what the city council plans to do with the cash.

The very first, teensy bit of construction for the Monterey Peninsula's desal plant -- sampling of the ground where the wells may eventually go -- is about to get underway. Considering how slow the progress has been to date, this is truly something to celebrate. Kelly Nix explains.

Speaking of the water shortage: One downtown homeowner got approval for a zinc roof, mainly because it will be useful for gathering dew so he can water his garden. Mary has that one.

A very surprising lawsuit alleges that a fatal car crash on Highway 68 two years ago happened because the driver was testing his breath for alcohol, causing him to swerve over the centerline. Kelly has that story.

Some cruel person killed a Pomeranian in Carmel Valley with a pellet gun. A land conservation group is selling several lots in Big Sur for development. The Marina man who admitted ripping off an elderly doctor on Carmel Point, only to escape criminal charges, has now been arrested for stalking and threatening a woman. Jerry Gervase has a fascinating column this week about the unexplained appearance of The Pine Cone in an iconic Paris bookstore. And my editorial explains why we wanted to see the resume that landed the city's new planning director his job, and lays out pretty clearly what we think of the city manager's reasons for refusing to give it to us.

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