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Sept. 27 - Oct. 3, 2013

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City hall is spending more than $128,000 for the services of a computer expert to look into possible crimes by IT manager Steve McInchak, and to propose ways to make the city's computer systems more secure. But how those contracts were negotiated is raising eyebrows. Mary Schley reports.

Mayor Jason Burnett and water board member Bob Brower say now is definitely not the time for water activists to be trying again to take over Cal Am. But the leader of the latest effort says, "Oh, yes it is." Kelly Nix has that one.

A boy Boogie Boarding off Carmel Beach was bitten by a dog last month — a dog that was never found, raising the risk of rabies. Mary reports that story, too.

An even stranger animal story: A motorist in Pacific Grove was charged by a buck, which ended up in her back seat. Monterey County is considering a ban on short-term rentals in Big Sur and other unincorporated parts of the county. A preserved fetus found in the basement of a local museum has a new home. The Authors and Ideas Festival gets started Friday in a new venue and with some new big names ... Jerry Gervase has a preview. Our special section this week takes a look at local seniors and some of the things that make their lives in the Carmel area special. And my editorial asks whether Obamacare, which will have one of its major components implemented Oct. 1, was purposely made a big mess so will lead to single-payer.

This week we launch the voting for the 2013 Golden Pine Cones. The winning businesses will really he honored by your support! So look for your ballots in separate emails Friday or over the weekend.

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