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Nov. 1 - 7, 2013

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There were three more shocking departures from city hall this week. Assistant city administrator Heidi Burch quit Tuesday because she was upset about the way requests for public documents were being handled, and two long-time employees with the planning department were suddenly put on leave that very day, with nobody saying why. Mary Schley reports.

While more than a dozen city employees have left since Jason Stilwell became city administrator, he has also filled a number of senior positions, and we have a report about the impressive salaries and benefits some of his hires are receiving. Mary has that one, too.

Cal Am has begun the process of selecting a contractor to build the Monterey Peninsula's desal plant, and also agreed that the mayor's water authority could have a representative along for the interview process. Kelly Nix has the details.

Meanwhile, the man supplying much of the money for the latest bid to turn Cal Am into a public utility is none other than Nader Agha, who has a competitive reason to try to thwart Cal Am's plans for a new water supply. Kelly has that story, too.

Did you know you can get a medical marijuana license any time and for practically any health reason? I went to Venice (not the one in Italy) Sunday to prove it.

The second gang member who murdered Kris Olinger 16 years ago received a sentence of life without parole Wednesday. A state appeals court sat in Salinas this week to hear an elder abuse case from Pebble Beach. A lion killed a deer in the backyard of one local resident Saturday -- and made quite a ruckus while doing so. Mayor Jason Burnett has a commentary explaining what the city has been doing wrong in its handling of public records requests, and how it will improve things. And my editorial says city hall has a lot of additional explaining to do about some of the crazy things that have been going on there.

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