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        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

February 14 - 20, 2014, 2014

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The desal plant the Monterey Peninsula needs so badly took a baby step forward this week when the Marina City Council decided a preliminary test well could be drilled in that city without a lengthy permit process. Kelly Nix reports.

In one of those stories that just make you shake your head in amazement, Kelly Nix also has the story of a man who allegedly stole his neighbor's dog because he thought it barked too much, took the poor thing miles away, and left it to fend for itself. And the dog has not been found. Sob!

One of the three critical vacancies on the Monterey County bench has apparently been filled, since the filing period closed without anybody deciding to run against respected prosecutor Stephanie Hulsey. Two more judicial races will go to election day.

Our Olympian is still preparing for her extreme skiing event next week. In the mean time, she's fallen in love with a Russian. Chris Counts reports.

The Carmel area is full of people who rose to the highest level in their field, including celebrity photographers ... we have a story about a legal battle over the copyright on a 1974 picture of the cast of the Mary Tyler Moore Show I think you'll find fascinating. One of the county's most respected attorneys takes the city to task for its ever-worsening secrecy problems. And my editorial decries the blatant hypocrisy so often shown by local activists.

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