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May 16 - 22, 2014

Dear Readers,

The problem of employees at downtown businesses taking up most of the parking has vexed city officials for a long time, but now they think they have a solution -- one that includes tightening restrictions on some streets, while loosening them on others. Mary Schley reports.

The woman who kept 18 dogs in horrible conditions is cooperating with authorities to clean the mess up and find new homes for them, including a mom and four adorable new puppies. Kelly Nix has that one.

A doe that was caught between two fence posts on remote property in Big Sur was freed by firefighters using the jaws of life. That only-in-Monterey-County story is brought to you by Chris Counts.

More animal news: Officials in Pacific Grove admit they put up a fence to protect baby seals in violation of coastal commission rules, but say it had to be done anyway. Kelly has that story, too.

A plan for weddings and other events at a Carmel Valley winery is drawing the expected opposition. Carmel High has been declared a "one percenter" ... and that's a good thing. A Carmel man relived memories of aerial combat in World War II during an historic event at Monterey airport Thursday. We have a special section highlighting local events and programs that can help you live a healthier life. And my editorial says there are accidents, and then there are mishaps caused by negligence, and tells you which one the explosion that destroyed a home on Guadalupe Street was.

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