A preview of the July 18, 2014, edition
        of The Carmel Pine Cone

July 18 - 24, 2014

Dear Readers,

Just when you think things couldn't get any stranger at Carmel City Hall, they get curiouser and curiouser ....

The first thing this week is that bills sent to business owners for their 2014-2015 business taxes included an illegal increase in the tax. City hall says it was just a mistake. Mary Schley reports what happened, along with what little we know about why and how.

Meanwhile, the new city clerk -- Catherine Raynor, who'd been on the job just 45 days -- was abruptly fired this week, and had some choice things to say about the workplace environment at city hall that drove her from the job. And a group of Carmel citizens is starting a petition drive to get city administrator Jason Stilwell -- who's responsible for all the above, along with many other things -- to resign. Mary has those stories, too.

Interior changes at a modern but "historic" bank building downtown have preservationists upset. Mary Schley reports that one, as well.

A Carmel resident is suing Kellogg's for injuries he says he suffered when he ate Frosted Mini-Wheats that contained metal shavings. Kelly Nix has that story.

Another gas leak -- albeit a minor one -- had the city on edge. Kayakers came to the rescue when a scenic Big Sur beach got covered with garbage. A fascinating court case over public access to a private beach in San Mateo County -- one that could have profound implications for business owners up and down the state -- is getting lots of attention. Two noteworthy citizens passed away, and we have the fascinating stories of their community-minded lives. And my editorial explains who wins and who loses when the government creates a shortage of something that a lot of people want.

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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