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        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

September 26 - October 2, 2014

Dear Readers,

As the town held its breath waiting for the end of the crisis at city hall, investigations were launched and the city council was deep in closed sessions, but without a resolution (yet). Mary Schley reports.

Meanwhile, the questionable payments to favored contractors and employees apparently continued, with the revelation that Susan Paul, former second-in-command under Jason Stilwell, got almost half a year's pay when she was fired two weeks ago, after only 19 months on the job. And lest I forget: Another employee was fired this week amid allegations of mistreatment and discrimination, while one who was let go months ago was exonerated by a state unemployment judge. Mary has all of those stories, as well.

A Pacific Grove woman who was paralyzed in a DUI crash four years ago says the company that made the car caused her injuries, and she's in Monterey County Superior Court trying to prove it. Kelly Nix has the compelling details.

The Carmel River has been re-routed, paving the way for the removal of San Clemente Dam. Chris Counts has that one.

Highly detailed rules for the farmers market were made even more complex during a public hearing this week on what's right for Carmel, and what's not. The governor signed a bill Monday that will save millions in the financing of the Monterey Peninsula's desal plant. Heavily armed police raided a house on Lincoln Street back in July, and now we finally know why. We have a special section, "Senior Living," full of features and ads especially for anybody who's over 55. And my editorial recommends a little patience (but not too much) as the mayor and city council try to fix the mess they've made at city hall.

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