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November 14 - 20, 2014

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The Marina city council doesn't want Cal Am drilling a test well for the Monterey Peninsula's desal plant inside their city limits, but this week the California Coastal Commission overruled the council and gave the well the go-ahead. It's a tiny step, but still a significant one, toward finally solving our water shortage. Kelly Nix reports.

Concrete is being poured and soon kiosks will be installed so paid parking can be implemented on Ocean Avenue. Mary Schley explains the timetable, and why you'll be able to pay for parking on the busy street with cash, credit card, or even a smartphone app.

Speaking of "about to be implemented," construction of the permanent restrooms at the south end of Carmel Beach is almost finished. We have coverage of the impressive stone work.

New city administrator Doug Schmitz has a contract that pays him $175,000 a year. The most remarkable thing? The contract has just one page. Also, there have been other staff changes at city hall, now that Schmitz is in charge. Mary Schley has those stories, too.

The Big Sur coastline claimed another victim Tuesday when a wave swept a member of the California Air National Guard out to sea. He was fishing with friends at the time. A thief used bad checks to buy $21,000 worth of watches at a downtown jewelry store, but left behind a trail that made it pretty easy to catch him. PG&E has resumed work on the city's gas mains. And my editorial explains why one person deserves most of the credit for the coastal commission's remarkable vote this week.

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