A preview of the July 10, 2015, edition
        of The Carmel Pine Cone

July 10 - 16, 2015

Dear Readers,

We have great news for anybody in Carmel or Carmel Valley who needs a little more water: Last week, the plan to free up some of the water from the former Odello artichoke fields for things like bathroom additions to private homes and new seats in restaurants was OK'd by the state water board. Chris Counts reports.

A bizarre scene unfolded on Santa Lucia Tuesday afternoon while police staked out a possible drug-dealing operation. A fight broke out among suspects while police were watching, and then it was discovered that one of them had a live U.S. army mortar in the back of his pickup truck. Mary Schley has that one.

Cal Am's desal test well won't be restarted until at least August over concerns that it's impacting freshwater aquifers, and that the company monitoring the well has a private financial interest in seeing it succeed. Kelly Nix has that one.

On Tuesday night, the city council formally called for the paid-parking kiosks on Ocean Avenue to be removed by August 1. But what sort of parking restrictions will replace them? Mary has that story, too.

Taxpayers bought Point Lobos Ranch for $13 million almost a decade ago, and there's finally a little progress being made toward letting them use it. A moratorium has been declared to stop anybody from installing fake grass inside the city limits. Speaking of moratoriums: Monterey County has also declared one on new pot businesses. After great effort and a journey from Big Sur to the Farallones, rescuers finally freed a whale from marine cables. Plans to house a convicted rapist in Prunedale have been halted because of public opposition. And my editorial wonders why PG&E seems to be pinching pennies when it comes to preventing disasters like the one that destroyed a house on Guadalupe Street last year.

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