A preview of the January 15, 2016,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

January 15 - 21, 2016

Dear Readers,

Developments are happening fast and furious at Carmel City Hall, with the city council naming its choice for the new city administrator (former planning director Chip Rerig) this week, even as two more candidates added their names to the field for the April election. Mary Schley has both stories.

A major dispute over water rights and the Monterey Peninsula's future desal plant was resolved with the announcement Monday that some of the output from the desal plant would be piped to Castroville. Kelly Nix explains.

A homeowner in Pebble Beach is challenging the county's ban on short-term rentals in coastal neighborhoods by claiming the ban is discriminatory. Kelly Nix has that one, too.

It was Groundhog Day at the Carmel River lagoon over the weekend as rising water threatened to flood nearby homes, leading to the declaration of an "emergency," thereby allowing the county public works department to bulldoze a path from the Carmel River to the Pacific Ocean. Chris Counts has that one.

A planning commissioner has proposed new rules to protect local war memorials. One candidate in the 5th district supervisor's race says she's already raised a lot of money. Meanwhile, the race in the 4th District has suddenly become a lot more interesting. A local doctor convicted of stalking her ex has been sentenced to six months in jail. Voters in Pacific Grove may decide whether that city will get a new luxury hotel. Two congressional candidates offered starkly different views of one of the week's major political developments. We have a wonderful special section, "Healthy Lifestyles," about your eyesight and what you can do to protect it as you get older. And my editorial says nobody was really at fault in the dispute over a centennial banner at the war memorial on Ocean Avenue. Nobody, that is, except us.

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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