A preview of the January 29, 2016,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

Jan. 29 - Feb. 4, 2016

Dear Readers,

If not for a helmet and a GoPro camera recovered from a beach, the fate of two daredevils who disappeared a week ago would be a mystery. But video from the camera shows that they parachuted off the Bixby Creek Bridge and then drowned in the surf below. Chris Counts reports.

Meanwhile, a daring, or perhaps stupid, thief took a valuable sculpture from the entrance to a gallery over the weekend. His act was also captured on video, but this time by a surveillance camera, and now it's just a question of figuring out who he is. Mary Schley has that one.

Mayor Jason Burnet and police chief Mike Calhoun called a news conference before a PUC hearing in San Francisco last week to accuse PG&E of undermining gas line safety after explosions in Carmel and San Bruno, instead of improving it. Mary Schley has that one, too.

An attorney with the public defender's office -- which, of course, specializes in defending people's rights -- has filed a lawsuit accusing officials in the office of violating his. Kelly Nix has that one.

The idea of replacing the memorial bell in the World War I arch on Ocean Avenue has been OK'd by a city commission. Police say a fire outside the Golden Bough theater Thursday may have been caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette. More controversy over trash disposal -- this time, about loose cardboard. Last weekend's mix of storms and sun produced some truly remarkable rainbows. And my editorial explains why you shouldn't be concerned at all if treated wastewater becomes part of your potable supply.

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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