A preview of the July 29, 2016, edition
        of The Carmel Pine Cone

July 29 - August 4, 2016

Dear Readers,

More than 30 homes have been lost, the driver of a bulldozer has been killed and much of the backcountry is in ashes as a wildfire sweeps the mountains of Big Sur. The fire started last Friday, and it's still out of control. Mary Schley and Kelly Nix have our extensive report, accompanied by frontline photos by Michael Troutman.

As human residents of the fire area evacuate, many of their pets are ending up in the care of the SPCA — including a tarantula. Elaine Hesser has that one.

It may seem ridiculous even to mention it, but speaking of fires, a resident's effort to stop the city council’s plan to allow a few wood fires on the beach was halted in its tracks when the resident was declared ineligible to make it. Mary Schley also has that one.

One of the area's most historic homes needs a seawall to protect it, its owners say, and the planning commission agrees, but some of the state's top officials aren't convinced -- and they get the last word. Collecting a refund from a senior care facility is about to become a lot easier, thanks to a new state law. A pig who seriously annoyed his neighbor may have to find a new home. If it seems like almost every road is under construction lately, you won't be surprised that quite a few roads in Pebble Beach are about to be repaved. Real estate prices are on a serious upswing throughout the Peninsula. And my editorial shows how "what goes around comes around" can work both ways.    

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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