A preview of the August 12, 2016,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

August 12 - 18, 2016

Dear Readers,

The Soberanes fire burst across its lines early Monday, threatening Big Sur Valley and forcing evacuations of some of the biggest tourist areas, only to slow down the rest of the week, leaving everybody wondering what's next. Mary Schley has our report.

Meanwhile, the Monterey Peninsula has been blanketed with smoke several days this week, leading health officials to warn people not to exert themselves outdoors, or even to stay inside. Chris Counts has that one. He also reports about the objections many Big Sur locals had to being evacuated earlier in the week, while Highway 1 remained open to sightseers.

Ever more animals are being taken in at the SPCA after being saved from the fire, including a very lucky Pacific slope flycatcher who was rescued in a Starbucks cup. Kelly Nix has the saga.

Of course, Concours Week is at hand, and while the fire 20 miles away has put a damper on some of the excitement, and the route of the Tour d'Elegance had to be modified, a full schedule of classic car events is set to begin this weekend, and we have a big special section bringing you all the details.

The City of Carmel's email system crashed and was out of operation for three days last week, leaving some citizens to wonder if they were being ignored. The Mission has a spiffed up courtyard, thanks to yet another phase of an extensive renovation project. A downtown restaurant has been called on the carpet for making too much noise and staying open too late. Want a custom-built abode for your best friend that's almost as nice as your house? A fundraiser gives you the chance. And my editorial explains some basic facts about Concours Week and the local economy, and why all those elaborate car events shouldn't be moved or postponed because of a fire in a different part of the county.

As always, I am available to respond to questions, comments or concerns, and to offer advice about how best to read our newspaper on your computer, smartphone or iPad.

Paul Miller, Publisher

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