A preview of the September 16, 2016,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

September 16 - 22, 2016

Dear Readers,

The campaign to represent the Monterey Peninsula in the U.S. House of Representatives has suddenly become a lot tougher, with Casey Lucius claiming her opponent, Jimmy Panetta, is only running because of his famous father, and Panetta saying Lucius is using such sharp-edge tactics just because of her poor showing in the primary. Kelly Nix has the story.

You know him as the former mayor of Carmel, an action movie star and an Oscar-winning director, but did you know Clint Eastwood is also the survivor of a plane crash? And into the Pacific Ocean, no less. Yet, he survived by swimming four miles to shore — and went on to direct his latest hit movie, "Sully." I have that byline.

The Flanders Mansion controversy is back from the dead, with the city council once again considering its options for putting the rundown home to some use. Mary Schley has that one.

A breakthrough restaurant proposed for Carmel Plaza got a thumbs down from the planning commission this week, and so did a new home near the beach. Mary Schley has that story, as well.

The local park district is facing a major repair bill from the Soberanes Fire -- which has started growing again, by the way -- and isn't sure how to pay it. One local family is grieving after its Pomeranian was carried off and killed by coyotes right in front of them. Government fees and permits are going up -- in some cases, by a lot. Tonight we launch the 2016 edition of the Golden Pine Cones, so don't miss the links just below for your chance to participate! And my editorial apologizes to a prominent local citizen for our coverage of a lawsuit against her, and points out who's really responsible for the mess in the civil courts.

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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