A preview of the May 11, 2018, edition
        of The Carmel Pine Cone

May 11 - 17, 2018

Dear Readers,

One of the city's most beloved and historic cottages has been approved for a major remodel -- and the surprising thing is, everybody seems to like the idea. Mary Schley reports.

A spate of wild animal rescues has officials offering advice about what to do if you come across one that seems to need help. Mary Schley has that story, too.

All the construction at Rio Road has made a lot of motorists mad, but this week some of them were even more upset when they found out what the finished highway would look like. Chris Counts has that one.

Illegal rentals have sharply declined since the city started strictly enforcing the law. The Big Sur Land Trust is aggressively clearing eucalyptus from some of its most scenic hillsides. The north end of town is in for some major storm drain repairs. Two big development projects are making their way through the permit process -- one successfully so far, and the other not so much. The woman who wants to open another marijuana store at the Mouth of the Valley has been accused of offering online sales before she's allowed to. A shuttle service will help alleviate traffic congestion in Big Sur this summer. And my editorial points out that wanting something isn't the same as having the right to get it.

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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