A preview of the August 17, 2018,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

August 17 - 23, 2018

Dear Readers,

Stop the presses: This week a three-judge panel at the California Public Utilities Commission gave a big thumbs up to the Cal Am desal plant. Is the end of our water shortage finally in sight? Kelly Nix reports.

The Highway 1 climbing lane from Rio Road has reached its own milestone. County officials say it'll open Friday. Chris Counts has that one.

The city's plan to install license plate cameras at the major entrances to town hasn't been progressing very quickly, but city hall says they're definitely on the way. Mary Schley has the details.

PG&E won't be able to install a new gas main without making sure no trees will be harmed. A group of civic-minded citizens is seeking donations for the repair of the World War I memorial arch on Ocean Avenue. The proposed Restaurant Improvement District, funded with a 25-cent charge on each $100 of restaurant tabs, is moving closer to implementation. The city council is taking a stand against the repeal of the state's new gasoline tax. The campaign against short-term rentals has taken a turn for the worse. A dispute over a driveway in Pebble Beach keeps going and going and going. Weston Call is being remembered in Big Sur as a man who "always wanted to make things right." We have an amazing special section for you that's your exclusive guide to the superb events of Car Week. And my editorial is a reminder to keep an eye out for people who pretend to have the answer to our water woes, but will actually just make things worse.

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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