A preview of the March 29, 2019,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

March 29 - April 4, 2019

Dear Readers,

When city hall officials counted all the vacant storefronts in town, they found there weren’t that many, but they say there’s still a lot they can do to help keep them filled. Mary Schley reports.

Coastal commissioner Carole Groom visited Big Sur this week and got quite an earful from residents who pleaded for help as the highly scenic area copes with increased tourism and a host of infrastructure and environmental challenges. Chris Counts has that one.

Police think they know who burgled an apartment complex on Mission Street last weekend but haven’t been able to arrest him yet. Mary Schley explains why.

The city council may be getting close to a decision about who will be allowed to live at Flanders Mansion. A local bakery has been hit with a huge fine for not having workers comp insurance. A Monterey dog will be euthanized soon for being “vicious.” When a young driver was pulled over on Junipero Street earlier this month, cops had no idea what they were about to find in his car. A home in danger of falling into a creek in Palo Colorado will have to hang on a little longer before it gets a permit for repairs. The coastal commission will take a close look at an oceanfront home planned for Spindrift Road. A home proposed for a lot just above Carmel Beach is being criticized by the planning commission for being too pretentious. A family of owls is making itself comfortable at the Marina landfill. We have Part II of the fascinating memoirs of P.B. Co. founder Samuel Morse. Our latest edition of Healthy Lifestyles serves up a bounty of ideas for improving not only your health, but your outlook. And my editorial says that regardless of current trade disputes, everybody — and especially the president — has to recognize the importance of free-flowing international commerce.

Paul Miller, Publisher

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