A preview of the April 12, 2019,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

April 12 - 18, 2019

Dear Readers,

Plenty of people seem to be in favor of banning short-term rentals downtown, including people who own existing ones — as long as they get to keep theirs. Mary Schley reports.

California is moving aggressively to lessen the fire danger in Big Sur, even if that means tossing out some of the strict environmental rules that heretofore stood in the way. Chris Counts has that one.

More suspects have been arrested in the Las Vegas murder of a prominent Peninsula psychiatrist. Kelly Nix has the details.

Fires on Carmel Beach — once a mainstay of summer fun — could be headed for a complete ban. The teenager who killed her friend in a DUI accident on Carmel Valley Road last summer has admitted her guilt. A woman was arrested on Camino del Monte for allegedly attacking her ex-husband with a knife. A sex education class at a local middle school had to be called off after threats of a lawsuit. What if you bought an expensive dinner for 12 at one of those charity auctions and never got to enjoy the dinner? A statewide VIP has unexpectedly gotten involved in the permit hearings for Paraiso resort. City payrolls topped $8.4 million this year, including $374,000 for overtime. A Salinas city councilmember has announced his candidacy for Jane Parker’s seat on the board of supervisors. The Stevenson swim team is so good, they could even make other schools afraid to go near the water. We have Part IV of S.F.B. Morse’s endlessly fascinating memoirs, plus a new column that’s bound to draw your attention if you’re interested in local history. And my editorial says, “So there was an emergency at the border after all?”

Paul Miller, Publisher

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