A preview of the October 18, 2019,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

October 18 - October 24, 2019

Dear Readers,

Mark your calendars, because the water district says Nov. 6 is the day the feasibility study for the takeover of Cal Am will be released. Kelly Nix reports.

Big fines may be on the way for property owners who fail to keep an eye out for archaeological artifacts while doing construction. Chris Counts has that one.

Speaking of Native Americans, a vast piece of the Big Sur backcountry may be acquired by one of Monterey County’s oldest tribes. Chris Counts has that one, too.

A notorious kidnapper has been denied parole and gotten an extra 30 days for operating a Christmas tree farm and other businesses from behind bars. A deer was freed earlier this week from a metal trap caught on its leg — but not without a lot of effort. Two arrests have been made in the case of people randomly shooting road signs and hitting a house. A former worker for Planned Parenthood in Monterey County is suing the organization for dismissing her after she complained about sexual harassment. The 25 MPH speed limit through Carmel Valley Village is being much more strictly enforced. According to an informal survey, local residents would like things to stay pretty much as they are at Mid-Valley Center. Scientists working at the bottom of Monterey Bay have witnessed a gathering of octopus and eel feasting on the corpse of a whale. We have a complete rundown of upcoming Halloween events, and some awfully cute pictures to go with them. And my editorial says it’s amazing what you can learn from television about the past — and even about yourself.

Paul Miller, Publisher

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