A preview of the January 3, 2020,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

January 3 - 9, 2020

Dear Readers,

An eyesore at one of the most prominent intersections in town is drawing a lot of attention. Why hasn’t this house been finished? Mary Schley reports.

A $15,000 reward has been offered for the capture of whoever has been firing projectiles at cars passing on the busy highway between the Monterey Peninsula and San Jose/San Francisco. Mary Schley has that one, too.

A Carmel Valley photographer who’s justly famous for his eyeball-to-eyeball portraits of whales is on his latest picture-taking safari — this time to the wintry waters of Norway. Chris Counts has the story.

It wasn’t the usual traffic chaos in Big Sur over the Christmas holiday — it was worse. The city may finally be selecting the person who will live in (and renovate) Flanders Mansion. Yes, even Carmel has a few streetlights, and the few that exist will soon be upgraded to LED. The law eliminating vacation rentals downtown is about to become law (except for the 39 units that already exist). A music video filmed at a Pebble Beach mansion is helping raise money for the boys and girls club. We have a dual profile this week for you of two dogs whose expertise at comforting victims and witnesses is a major crime-fighting tool in Monterey County. River School students are becoming experts in the life experiences and wisdom of senior citizens. In sports, Dennis Taylor explains why Carmel’s football team didn’t mind being in such a tough division this year. Neal Hotelling continues his tale of the remarkable life of the city’s second-most-famous mayor. And my editorial takes a look at Clint Eastwood’s latest film and explains why it tells much more than one story.

Paul Miller, Publisher

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