A preview of the February 28, 2020,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

February 28 - March 5, 2020

Dear Readers,

The eyesore that’s been looming over the intersection of San Antonio and Ocean for more than a year may be there a while longer, now that the owner has declared bankruptcy. Mary Schley reports.

A local activist who’s been busy for years fighting the desal plant and calling for a public takeover of Cal Am told the PUC he should be compensated at a rate of $400-plus an hour for his efforts. Kelly Nix has that one.

In the wake of our reports that Pacific Grove police haven’t been ticketing drivers responsible for major accidents, a police official says the department will conduct an “audit” to make sure its officers have the right training to investigate accidents. Kelly Nix has that story, too.

Two of the city’s most important women, Lillian Hazdovac and Elinor Laiolo, have died just a few days apart. A major new campground — the first along the coast for many years — is planned for Fort Ord. City officials are urging voters in the March 3 election to support an increase in the sales tax before somebody else gets there first. The county board of supervisors is moving forward with plans for a roundabout on Carmel Valley Road. Another Peninsula city has banned gas leaf blowers. A Southern California real estate LLC has demonstrated how to make big money with Carmel commercial property. The new organization behind the Surfabout that happens on Carmel Beach every June is announcing major new plans, not only for the event, but other surfing-related activities. Neal Hotelling has the story of how yet another landmark downtown building came to be. And my editorial advises how you should take it next time somebody threatens mankind or the earth with extinction.

Paul Miller, Publisher

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